Digital Race Experience-Sharing

Let participants automatically share their branded race photos, videos, and more while boosting your race sponsorship.

The World's Leading Race-Photography Platform

How it works

1. Runners Snapped

Runners are snapped by our photographers.

Runners bibs are recognized by our proprietary barcode system.

2. Runners Share Pics

Runners log in to a portal on race website.

They enter their Facebook details and photos then post to their profiles.

3. Massive Amplification

Thousands of runner photos plus highly engaging content creates a landslide of social activity.

It is not uncommon to generate over 1 million Facebook impressions from a single event.
Free Branded Race Photos
  • We are the New Zealand Exclusive providers Pic2Go Race Photo Technology
  • Pic2Go turns the traditional race photography model on its head, by providing runners with free (branded) photos post event
  • (Traditionally runners purchase photos from a 3rd party post event)
Example Brand Amplification from a simple event

Massive Amplification & ROI from a Single Event

  • Pic2Go Platform is so targeted and successful it routinely generates over 1 million Facebook Impressions from an event.
  • Enormous returns and we challenge you to find a better $ROI on race day sponsorship activation

New Zealand Exclusive Agents

  • We are the New Zealand Exclusive providers Pic2Go Race Photo Technology.
  • Simply the worlds best race day photo sharing platform

Free Branded Race Photos

Automated Tagging & Sharing Platform
Pic2Go automates posting of free (branded) race photos to participants’ Facebook - maximizing social engagement and reach for your sponsors.

Performance Photos

(Photos with Performance Stats)
  • Race photography taken to the next level!
  • We Enrich participants' photos with their Performance Data along the course of the race.
  • Show Times / Locations / Speeds & Racer Name
  • Ultra Personalized, branded souvenirs

Performance Videos

Video embedded with performance stats
  • Create personalized race-videos for your participants to automatically share on Facebook, enriched with their Performance Data.
  • Same concept as performance photos - but in video format

3D Fly Through Video

Interactive 3D race Graphics
  • Let your race participants Replay, Explore and Share their Race Experience from new angles!
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