Retail Photo Kiosk

Professional Photo Sharing Kiosk for retail and tourism operations
Capture consumer data for remarketing. Fun, interactive in store theatre. Branded photos and GIFS for instant social amplification.
Branded Photo Booth for Retail and Tourism Outlets
Fun Experience
We capture awesome photos or video of consumers at your event.
Awesome Photos
Photos with your brand message are instantly posted to consumers social networks.
Instant Social Sharing
Real time conversations and engagement with your brand.
Quantifiable Results
200 branded photos will reach over 40,000 consumers.
Turn Your Shopper Experience Into User Generated Content
  • A slim line retail photo booth, it takes up minimal floor space but provides a large consumer facing interface.
  • Ideal for getting consumers to send your message to their friends, and works best with a call to action such as “share your photo to win”
  • Smile Dealers can help you set up a share and win mechanic to incentivise consumer photo sharing
  • Using cost effective hardware, we can “scale up” your retail photo booth campaign to ensure multiple outlets can be activated at a reasonable price
Customizable Kiosk + Interface
  • We can customize and skin the consumer interface to reflect your brand and messaging

3. Social Amplification

4. Insightful Analytics
Our analytics platform allows you to track your brands amplified engagement off the back of content uploaded from your event.
The Best Social Amplification System on The Market
The Smile Dealers™ platform gives your branded content more reach and engagement than any other platform on the market.

Anyone can put a logo on a photo.... our platform ensures your branded content maximizes amplification.

You can rely on our tech. These guys do.

Smile Dealers Clients Smile Dealers Clients Smile Dealers Clients Smile Dealers Clients
One Platform To Drive Best In Class Photo Activations
Social Insights & Beautiful Reports
  • Custom reporting pulls data direct from Facebook API for real time social reporting
Real-Time Event Monitoring
  • Monitor photo quantity and quality in real time.
  • We can even measure performance of individual staff/ photographers.
API + Integrations
  • Existing "Off the Shelf" integrations with 
    • Marketo
    • Shuttlerock
    • Ubiqulty
  • Custom and existing API integrations are no problem.
Data Capture & Remarketing
  • Create Custom Data Collection forms to collect consumer data.
  • Data can be accessed and downloaded in real time via portal login.
Real Time Moderation (Optional)
  • All photos shared can be moderated in real time via Smile Dealers before final public posts.
Branding Control
  • Customizing Branding
  • Mutiple Frames
  • Filter/Overlays
  • Signature Mode
Downloaded Images in Real Time
  • All event images can be downloaded from online portal at the touch of a button.
Web Galleries
  • Deliver images so they are displayed in a custom microsite with additional social call to actions
Big Screen Display
  • Create and moderate beautiful big screen image displays that update in real time.
Book a Free Brainstorm
Book a Free Brainstorm
Schedule a 15 minute consultation to discuss your needs and brainstorm some ideas. Alternatively you can contact us via email & phone.